Budget-Friendly Bathroom Makeover Ideas


If you’re looking to update your bathroom you may need to hire a professional to carry out bathroom repairs, but there are some things you can do yourself which are friendly on the budget. Try these tips for a bathroom makeover that doesn’t take it too heavy on the pursestrings.

One of the cheapest and quickest ways to update and give a new fresh look to your bathroom is to paint it. And that doesn’t just mean walls, you can sand back, prime and repaint built wooden carpentry, or even paint the ceiling! When picking out colours to use go for something neutral, this will make the space feel bigger, lighter and more airy and when it comes to accessories you can add a pop of colour with this if you wish to.

Have a good clear out and try to declutter your shelves and cupboards. Invest in some nice storage containers and decant some of your bathroom essentials such as cotton buds or bath salts into them. Baskets are always great to keep extra toilet roll in or store hand towels.

A great cost effective way to update and modernise your bathroom without having to replace the whole suite is to replace the fittings such as taps and plugs, shower heads, towel rails and door handles.

It’s all in the detail and the best part of finishing off newly refreshed rooms is picking out some great accessories to style your surfaces and shelves. Replace your mirror for a frameless one, which can be fixed directly onto your wall.This will look less fussy and instantly make the scheme look finished, whilst creating the illusion of more space while bouncing light around the room.