What To Check In The Bathroom Of A New House


Make sure bathroom repairs won’t cut into your house buying budget by making sure you make these checks when you are house hunting.

House hunting is an exciting time but make sure you have these things on your checklist to ensure that the bathroom you are getting is in as good shape as possible, or you are at least aware and able to budget for any improvements that may be needed.


  1. Check for condensation on the windows. This may not be immediately obvious so run a finger down the window. If there are uPVC frames or double-glazing check for cracks around the frame or look to see if there is any obvious condensation inside the double glazing.
  2. Is there ventilation in the bathroom? Make sure the fan actually works by pulling it, and check the vents don’t look overly bunged up with dust. You want a ventilation system that has been well kept. If there is a window does it open properly?
  3. Similarly, windows are a good place to check for rot and mould. Wooden window frames will have a tell-tale black mark around them, or the wood may even be soft if they are affected by rotting. The surfaces may also not look smooth.
  4. Turn on a tap. This will give you an idea of how long it takes for the hot water to come through and whether it works at all.  “This could indicate the condition of the boiler and also how strong the water pressure is,” says Zoopla’s Lawrence Hall.