‘Too Few’ Cost Their DIY Before They Buy


If you are exploring laminate repairs ahead of a big home renovation project in 2018, then it’s best you take the time to cost the job up before you start booking contractors.

January is the perfect time to set out your plans for the year ahead, but a recent survey from VELUX suggests too few householders price up their future projects before getting stuck in, The Wiltshire Times reports.

According to the report, in London alone, a quarter (25 per cent) of homeowners are planning to renovate or engage in some serious DIY, but 33 per cent of these haven’t looked at costing their work, while 76 per cent admit they do not have a concrete plan for how it will be funded.

Moreover, only 10 per cent of people have consulted an architect if they are doing major structural work, while three-quarters have not yet received a competitive building quote to start comparing and negotiating rates.

Nearly one-third of householders are looking to carry out kitchen repairs, 24 per cent want a new bathroom and 19 per cent are planning on having an extension built.

Product manager at VELUX Grant Sneddon was quoted by the newspaper as saying: “It’s absolutely crucial to bring in a good professional as early as possible. Not only will they steer your project from start to finish, and work within your budget to help you get the space you want, but they’ll also come up with ideas that you might not have considered.”

And home improvement is in vogue, with Property Wire reporting recently that 59 per cent of householders are choosing renovation over moving house in the coming years.