Kitchen Repairs Essential For Food & Hygiene Rating



If you own a restaurant or pub, you will not overlook the importance of health and safety procedures and a food and hygiene rating. In fact, you will more likely display a rating from the Food Standards Agency, especially to show the public that your business holds a high standard. However, you might not want to overlook how important kitchen repairs are for an area of the business that is used every day.

According to Somerset Live, a Subway store based in Wells received a food hygiene rating of one out of five, which is the second lowest score that can be awarded. The technical officer visiting the store found several leaks, including one under the wash-up sink. The report also highlighted that different leaks had contributed to both the paint on the wall and the plaster being damaged.

Hardik Pandya, who runs the Subway store, commented: “The roof and everything has been fixed. We have a revisit from the health inspector sometime this week or later next week.”

Once you’ve spotted a leak, you’ll want to ensure that something is placed underneath it to catch any water and not cause a hazardous problem for your staff. You could also try to solve the issue by looking under the basin to see if the pipe needs tightening or if it needs to be unscrewed and cleaned out due to blockage.

You will know how important it is to hold on to a high-scoring food hygiene rating, but it’s even more damaging for a business not to solve a short-term issue and allow it to become a long-term problem.