Most Likely Causes of Damage To Furniture


If you need laminate repairs then the damage may already be done. We can do our best to help you get your items back to normal, but if you want to avoid more damage to your home then make sure you avoid these pitfalls.

Carelessness – Whether or not the damage this is done is with crayons and toys, or wine and high heeled shoes, most damage is done through carelessness. You are only human but there are some ways that you can minimise the damage done through normal every day accidents.

Make sure that high value furniture is kept away from high traffic areas, keep liquids (paint or alcoholic etc!) on flat surfaces away from the side. When moving furniture make sure you do it carefully to avoid accidents occurring then.

Environmental factors – Keeping items you value out of the way of direct sunlight is obvious if you want to avoid photo bleaching, however you also want to keep it away from direct heat sources to avoid damp.

Humidity – There is a reason why we don’t put our best furniture outside, it will get ruined in the rain! You need to take care that your indoor furniture is also kept in suitable humidity. Damp can cause mould to grow on furniture, so keep an eye on where your furniture is. In older homes make sure it isn’t up against any walls as you could be affecting the circulation.