Repainting Kitchen Could Add 5.5% To House Value


If you’re planning to sell your home but don’t have the budget to completely renovate kitchens and bathrooms, then carrying out laminate repairs to existing fixtures and fittings will save you money in the long run.

When it comes to selling a property many homeowners feel the need to carry out extensive and expensive home improvements with the thought that they’ll be adding extra value to their homes, but more often than not simply improving and fixing what you already have can offer the same return without having spent more than necessary.

The average cost of replacing a kitchen across UK is £5,000 but unless the floor space is greatly increased,  it’s unlikely you’ll be adding anymore value to your home than the kitchen renovations cost in the first place.

You can cost effectively improve the look of your kitchen space and update what’s already there by replacing cupboard doors and drawer fronts – usually this is what can make a kitchen look outdated but if the cupboard carcasses are in a good condition, changing the doors can be an effective move.

It may be that there are particular areas to your kitchen that need replacing such as painting or retiling, choosing paint in neutral light colours will also make the space feel bigger and more open.

The Express offered some figured from a study carried out by Hiscox which said that replacing kitchen cupboard doors could add 5.5 per cent to your property’s value, and that redecorating could add 3 per cent to the value. It also revealed that the key to a great garden space which is a well kept and easily manageable appearance, and can add 1.4 per cent value to a property.