Stone Repairs & Restoration

Stone repairs

Stone Restoration

We specialise in intricate stone repairs and restoration. Why replace, when repair or
restoration is often possible?

As time goes by, natural stone can start to fade and dull.   Many things can cause this,
such as scratching or scuffing; acid burns or stains from juices or chemicals; and use of improper cleaning products.

We provide meticulous attention to detail to remove these blemishes, scratches, or
stains while restoring the stone’s natural luster.

We can repair – restoration to window sills, steps and surfaces, chips and spalls to the following materials:

  • Natural Stone Repairs and Carving
  • New Stone Fix
  • Terracotta repairs
  • Stucco Render Repairs
  • Brick Repairs
  • Stone Dust Repairs
  • Limestone
  • Sandstone
  • Granite
  • Marble