Time To Remodel Your Bathroom?



If you’re looking for a home improvement in the new year, you could do worse than remodelling your bathroom.

While this space in your home may need a complete overhaul, in some instances just changing up a few things could make all the difference to how it looks. If your bath and sink are predominantly fine but have a few scratches, consider splashing out on bathroom repairs rather than a whole new suite.

London Loves Business recently offered some tips on where to start with a bathroom overhaul. One of the first places to look is at your tiles. The news provider noted that these can “make or break the look of your bathroom”.

It recommends that you “focus on areas that make a high impact like a floor” when you’re exploring the options for replacing tiles.

The paint you choose for the walls is also important and needs to complement the tiles you’ve selected. The website also suggested going for light shades as these will make your bathroom feel lighter and brighter.

Lighting is also important and how much you need may depend on whether you’ve got a window for some natural light. A ceiling light is essential for overall illumination, but don’t forget about lighting above the mirror on your vanity unit.

Bathroom specialist Victoria Plumb recently launched a search for Britain’s worst bathroom, with Ideal Home sharing the finalists and eventual winner. Interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen came up with the shortlist and the public voted on the eventual winner.

He suggested that having a badly designed bathroom is “a sign of low self-esteem”. “When you’re faced with a bathroom that looks absolutely repellant first thing in the morning, how are you going to face the world with a smile on your face?” he asked.