Top Tips For Sticking To A Home Improvement Budget



If you’re planning to carry out some home improvements this year, you’ll more than likely have a tight budget that you’re sticking to.

But as we all know, sticking to a budget can be easier said than done. That’s not to say there aren’t still ways for you to get everything you want from your home improvement project without breaking the bank though.

The Mercury News recently suggested that the best way to make sure you stay on budget, and that it stretches as far as possible, is understanding when you should skimp and when you should splurge.

According to the news provider, there are certain things that it’s worth spending a bit more money on, such as long-lasting paint and natural wood floors.

However, there are also areas where you don’t need to spend big bucks to get the finish you want. Among the places the news provider recommends making savings are on the likes of bathroom tiles and light fixtures.

For instance, rather than being sucked in by light fixtures with showy, over-the-top designs, think about the functionality of the lighting and instead choose fixtures that provide the right levels of ambient, task and accent lighting for the space.

You may also want to take a more objective look at things like baths, sinks and other large fittings and decide whether it’s actually essential to replace them. Arranging bath repairs in the UK is likely to be more cost effective and less disruptive than replacing the whole suite, for instance.

Given that the average house price in the UK has now hit £229,729, it’s easy to see why more homeowners may want to stay put and improve their properties rather than moving.