How The UK Construction Industry’s Growth Could Affect You



You might find that most people on the market will openly embrace the recovery of the UK construction industry. After all, it opens the prospect for someone like you to build a private house or open your own business. There is even a real possibility for new schools or hospitals to be built, too.

The industry has been able to bounce back from a slow period of development, the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) reports. Should the sector continue to show signs of improvement, the Bank of England will be able to raise its interest rates.

Duncan Brock, group director at CIPS, said: “With the fastest rise in new orders since May 2017, it appears the brakes are off for the construction sector.”

If you’re a current homeowner, then it could be worth looking into different repairs – bathroom surfaces, cladding or kitchen sinks – to maintain or even increase your property’s current value. The last thing you would want is to be left behind on the market, so an early investment could boost your property in the long run.

For most people, it’s not hard for them to be sceptical at the long sustainability of building works across the country. However, the UK government reports that it will introduce the most significant investment in building homes in “at least a decade.” Both public and private funding will see £420 million spent on new construction technology to increase homebuilding.

Considering plans have already been approved for a third runway at Heathrow, the construction industry is set to thrive. If you’re an upstart looking to tap into the market, now is the time to put in place a long-term strategy. If not, then it’s worth looking into how to repair the little cracks you might find in your home and uphold its value for the future.