What’s Your DIY Personality?


While its super savvy to use our laminate repairs experts over replacing your damaged surface, some jobs you need to DIY in order to make some real home improvement savings. However, while some homeowners are passionate and gifted when it comes to DIY, some are slightly more reluctant – but identifying your personality might just help you avoid making the same mistake again and again.

Harris Brushes have carried out research and come up with seven categories that the 58 per cent of the UK which had undertaken a DIY job in the last year could fall into, reports House Beautiful. Which one do you think you are?

First up is the reluctant DIYer. They will if they have too and only have a few tools sitting around the house. If this is you, try and make sure you invest in the right tool for the job to stop it become a DIY SOS.

The obsessive DIYer likes everything to be perfect, so will invest in lots of unnecessary tools and spend the longest time on a job to make sure its right. Research the right tool first and stop unnecessary expenditure.

The impulsive DIYer has to do it right now, no matter they don’t have the right tool for the job. It’ll only have to be re-done tomorrow when the DIY shop opens if you don’t do it right the first time.

Clumsy DIYers have all the right ideas, but not the skill to back it up. To avid extra costs for repairs, get an expert it first time.

Planners spend so long thinking about the job at hand that it never gets done. Aim to achieve the job within a window of time to stop it dragging on.

The overwhelmed DIYer thinks every job is too big, so never starts. Try your hand at a small task first and take baby steps.

Last up, the flaky DIYer. Good for the first five minutes, then gets distracted. Set yourself dedicated time for a task without anything interfering.